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Can’t Curb Your Shopping Habit? Try This!

Not going to lie: I love to shop. Downside: I have a very small house (not quite 600 square feet) that is already filled to the brim. So shopping can be a double-edged sword for sure.

But one trick I’ve picked up (I think I originally saw it in this article from Apartment Therapy) is to make purchases that cultivate experiences at home. Instead of buying another pair of Sam Edelman boots, for example, you could buy new drinkware or some new board games to play with friends.

Other purchase ideas:

  1. A new grill for cookouts
  2. A new fire pit for parties
  3. A new bar cart
  4. Versatile serving pieces
  5. Festive dinnerware
  6. A great bluetooth speaker
  7. Party decorations
  8. Linen napkins
  9. Extra flatware
  10. Candles and faery lights (can you ever have too many?)
  11. Vases for fresh flowers
  12. DVDs to watch with friends
  13. A projector for outdoor movie nights

There are a ton of different things you can buy that will help you build experiences, rather than just accumulating more “stuff”. I also recommend some type of storage container for keeping your entertaining supplies in, so that they’re easy to find whenever you need them, including when you decide to throw a spur-of-the-moment game night or dinner party.