30 days of hygge

30 Days of Hygge, Day 14: Watch Your Favorite Childhood Film

Welcome to 30 Days of Hygge, Day 14!

As a screenwriter and sometimes-filmmaker, I’m a little obsessed with movies. And the movies of my childhood still stand out to me as huge influences. My favorites are films that I’ve watched over and over and over again (to the point that my ancient VHS copy of The NeverEnding Story actually broke while I was rewinding it one day).

Here are a few of my favorite childhood movies, in case you’re stumped for ideas of what to watch:

Labyrinth — Because who doesn’t love 80s-era David Bowie (or any era Bowie)?

Willow — While not traditionally a “kids” movie, it is family-friendly. And so much fun.

Cinderella — Oh how I wish I had birds and mice to help keep my house clean…

The NeverEnding Story — The scene with Artax still kills me every time.

Dirty Dancing — This one isn’t exactly a kids movie, but it was a still a huge influence on me when I was an adolescent and I still rewatch it all the time!

The Last Unicorn — I didn’t actually discover this one till I was an adult, but it’s still a great kids movie classic.

So grab some popcorn and settle in on the couch with a cozy blanket for a childhood movie night with a few of your favorites.

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