30 days of hygge

30 Days of Hygge, Day 16: Create a Hygge Nook

Welcome to 30 Days of Hygge, Day 16!

I love a cozy nook to curl up in, whether it’s just to relax and think, to meditate, or to read a book (or watch a movie on my iPad). When I was a kid, I used to love to pull a blanket and pillows into my closet to hide out and read. A nook isn’t much different than that.

Kelly Bernier Designs has a great article on creating your own cozy corner. And Daily Dream Decor has a great roundup of six cozy nooks you can emulate yourself.

All it takes is a comfy chair or cushion, a throw blanket or two, and some pillows to create your own once you’ve found the perfect spot. Want even more inspiration? Check out #hyggekrog on Instagram.

Do you have your own cozy nook for reading or relaxing?

Don’t forget to download the 30 Days of Hygge Calendar below, if you haven’t already!