30 days of hygge

30 Days of Hygge, Day 17: Share a Homecooked Meal with Friends

Welcome to 30 Days of Hygge, Day 17!

I am a sucker for a good dinner party. I try to eat with friends at least once a month, and it often happens more often than that. I rarely host (need to change that this winter!) but luckily I have friends who are more than happy to host (I always bring an appetizer or beverages).

And a “dinner party” doesn’t have to be large. Even sharing a meal with one other person can make for a wonderful night (especially if you cook it together).

There’s nothing quite like breaking bread together to make relationships more intimate and engaging. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, the best shared meals are often simple. The point is the company you keep, rather than the food itself.

Need more inspiration? I recently came across the concept of the “Crappy Dinner Party” and I think it’s an absolutely phenomenal idea for all of us who feel like we can never put together a “real” dinner party and therefore skip the event all together.

Grab a few friends and get together for a meal this weekend. Don’t worry about perfection, just focus on spending time together.

Don’t forget to download the 30 Days of Hygge Calendar below, if you haven’t already!