30 days of hygge

30 Days of Hygge, Day 21: Listen to Your Favorite Album

Welcome to 30 Days of Hygge, Day 21!

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I used to sit in the dark and listen to albums straight through as young as about eight years old (yeah, I was kind of a weird kid). As I’ve grown older, the times when I sit and listen to a full album without doing anything else at the same time have gotten fewer and much further between, but every so often I still do it.

More often, though, is when I listen to an entire album while driving somewhere. Or while cleaning my house.

Choosing a favorite album, though, is pretty close to impossible for me. Current favorites include Led Zeppelin’s IV (I have it on vinyl and it’s amazing), Kelly Ravin’s newest Engine, and Jason Isbell’s Something More Than Free. Or if I’m in the mood for something heavier, I’ll turn to The Prodigy, Scissorfight, Marilyn Manson, or Rob Zombie (considering the huge metal scene in Scandinavia, I’m going to assume that metal and hygge can and do go hand-in-hand).

Whatever your favorite album is, take some time out of your day today to really listen to it, preferably without distraction or interruption.

Don’t forget to download the 30 Days of Hygge Calendar below, if you haven’t already!