hygge faery lights

30 Days of Hygge, Day 3: Hang Some Faery Lights

Welcome to 30 Days of Hygge, Day 3!

Faery lights are one of my favorite home decor items. They’re cheap, you can hang them up virtually anywhere (I’m a big fan of the battery-powered ones), and they add a beautiful ambiance to pretty much any space they’re used in.

Plus, if you forget to turn them off, they’re much less likely to burn your house down than an unattended candle.

Take some time today to hang up some faery lights in your house. I have a string hanging over my bed (fancy copper ones rather than the more standard strings). And I plan to hang a few more around my living room today. I’ve even used them in the bathroom (they give the perfect amount of light for taking a bubble bath).

One of my favorite sources for fancier faery lights is TJ Maxx (they have tons of battery-powered LED ones). But you can also get them from Amazon, Walmart, or Save On Crafts. Pro tip: stock up after the holidays when the lights are often on sale!

Don’t forget to download the 30 Days of Hygge Calendar below, if you haven’t already!